About Us

Welcome to The Little Emmett That Could, the blog about a scared little rescue dog and his mom sharing their adventures through the lens of an old Nikon.

I, Jordyn, adopted Emmett from Double Dog Rescue in April of 2018. He came from the streets of Kentucky. The world is a very scary place for Emmett, mostly people. Throughout the first year of owning him, I worked tirelessly with him on this. We have done training classes, constantly go out for exposure, and try to work through his fear.

When I started “hiking” with Emmett, they were shorter flat trails through the wonderful preserves Upstate New York offers. What I noticed is that Emmett transforms into a calm, confident dog in the woods. Once I made this connection, we were off.


Now we live for the weekend when we can get lost in the woods (sometimes literally). The more we hiked, the bolder our adventures got. Now we try to hike a mountain a week, though that doesn’t always happen.

To see this scared little dog leap up bolders, climb over trees, and run through fields is amazing. But he isn’t the only one who gets a reward from hiking.

I didn’t used to like hiking, but now I chase mountain top views like its my job. Nothing beats getting to the top and seeing that view from the clouds. Nature is breathtaking and humbling. I have never felt bigger or smaller at the same time than when I stand atop a mountain looking out at the world.

Big because I have conquered the mountain, but yet small because nature is such an effortlessly large presence. What started as something to help my dog relax has quickly turned into something that feeds my soul. When I spend too long away from nature, I feel anxious and out of touch with the world.

A handful of miles up a mountain and my inner self is set straight again, and I am ready to take on the world. I often think that’s what happens for Emmett when we hike too.


– Jordyn & Emmett