My Promise To You

My promise to you, my adventure dog, is to always take you out.

I promise, trail after trail, to see all that nature has to offer.


In the Summer, I promise to wade into streams, to splash in the ocean as the smell of beach surrounds us.

In the Fall, I promise to climb as high as we can to see the beautiful hues of orange and red. I promise to hit the trails and revel in the crisp air of the early morning.

In the Winter, I promise to keep on adventuring. As the trees go bare and snow covers the trail, I promise to leave footprints behind as we seek out views. Each peak more thrilling than the last


And in the Spring, I promise to watch the lush greenery grow back with you at my side. I promise to run through the fields with you, stretching our legs as far as we can.

As you grow old and your beard turns white, I promise to keep on adventuring with you. Our trails may grow shorter and mountains may get flatter, but I promise to still get lost in the woods with you.

You see my adventure dog, my promise to you is that for as long as you enjoy adventuring, I will keep taking you.

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