An Ode to October

October has come and gone. With the cold darkness that November brings, I am left looking back on how wonderful that first fall month truly is. 

Fall holds so much beauty. The warm hues dance in contrast to the cool crisp air. The soft glow of the yellow and orange trees play against the snap of the leaves beneath your feet.


Fall signifies the beginning of the end. Lush green nature will soon turn dry and brown. The warmth of summer that spreads over us is slowly being replaced by a cold that will chill us to the bone. 

Fall is a beautiful transition from the heat of summer to the dead cold of winter. 

As the leaves turn yellow, orange, and red were reminded of how beautiful an ending can be. A leaf dies gracefully sharing its last bit of beauty with the world. When it’s finally ready to leave, it flutters to the ground where for the month of October it will pave your pathway to adventure. 

Every step into the woods you take is more beautiful than the last. 

Summer ends as winter begins and its the most wonderful clash Mother Nature could ever gift us. 

October will always be my favorite. 

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