Jordyn and Emmett and sometimes Edgar.

Jordyn25, new found adventurer. Loves her pets, reading, and spending hours lost in the woods. Office job by day, pet store associate by night, and hiker on the weekends. Used to hate hiking, but now feeds her soul from the tops of mountains. Though for now she sticks to the moderate trails. Next up on her adventure list is winter hiking and car camping. Currently binging Schitts Creek on Netflix. IMG_8564

Emmett2, scared of the world. Feels confident when exploring the woods. Terrified of people, but thinks their dogs are pretty cool. Has an ability to take up an entire queen size bed despite only weighing 50 pounds. Stray from Kentucky, turns up his nose to more food than Gordon Ramsay. There’s no mountain too big for this adventure pup. Bandanas are life. 

Edgar – 14, was adopted last year by Jordyn and Emmett. Despises being in a cat carrier, so goes places in a harness but refuses to be walked like a dog. Is unsure why his mom insists on taking him hiking, but is cool with chilling with his head sticking out of a backpack in the woods for a couple of hours. Loves to eat, demands second dinner. Only has 1.5 ears and 2 teeth. Kicking ass and taking names. DSC_0642.jpg

Thanks for following along!

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